The public library

OLIVE4CLIMATE’s public library is meant to deliver the knowledge gained within the project to the public. Published outcomes of the project activities will be continually updated in this library.

Feel free to download and use! The project aims at spreading the knowledge generated, therefore, it is free to download. To stay updated on the latest published papers and project’s activities, we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Downloads in English language:

PDF file, 394 KB


Il nostro manuale, nella sua versione italiana

PDF file, 394 KB

OLIVE4CLIMATE Handbook – Version August 2018 – Improved!

This version includes some minor corrections and improvements.

PDF file, 394 KB


PDF file, 394 KB

OLIVE4CLIMATE Leaflet in English

PDF file, 256 KB

OLIVE4CLIMATE Notice Board in English

PDF file, 393 KB

List of Sustainable Practices for Olive Cultivation in Arid Areas

PDF file, 644 KB

List of Sustainable Practices to Develop The Certification Standard & Their Mitigation Potential in Terms of Ton of CO2 Equivalent

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